Odd Socks

Michelle Robinson & Rebecca Ashdown Andersen Press, 2016

Suki and Sosh love their life. Each day they go to work together on their pair of feet, and each night they snuggle together in their sock drawer. But then disaster strikes: Sosh spots that Suki has a hole. Darn it! Sure enough, his warm, woolly wife starts to unravel, until one day Suki is nowhere to be found. The rest of the underwear warn him not to go it alone – no one likes an odd sock. But Sosh swears to find her.

Despite the comic absurdity there’s something genuinely moving about this romantic drama, beautifully illustrated with fantastic expression that will have you cheering at the perfect ending. A delight.
— The Daily Mail, Sally Morrison
The rhyming text flows perfectly and shows off the author’s knack for comic timing, and while the artwork is bright and dynamic, it also mirrors the vulnerability of the characters. With an impeccable and craft-inspiring end, this is a great book to share on cold winter afternoons!
— Library Mice