Pretty Puppies

The Guardian Cartoon and Family Art Day 2018

This workshop is a slightly different take on ‘Splatty Bats’, which went down a storm last year. Using coloured A4 card, we created an array of designs and textures with paint based pens and collage. Then we cut out our puppies using a template for the body and ears. Finally we added googly eyes and hey presto - a pack of ‘Pretty Puppies’ all ready for a party!

What I really love about this method is how unique and free each pattern is. Humans have always been good at mark making, which is perhaps why this sort of activity is so appealing. The grown-ups were just as absorbed as the children, if not a bit more. We all need time just to doodle and play. Maybe you could try it for yourself? I’ve included instructions and templates at the end of the showreel.